What is new in hearing aid technology?

What has happened to hearing aids in recent years? Big improvements happened in the hearing aid industry. Thru a process of the many small steps that result in greater user friendliness. The computing power of the processors working in the devices practically increases from device generation to device generation. This means that the systems can react more quickly to changes in the environment and provide the wearer with a very pleasant listening environment. The customer hardly notices the associated regulations in terms of amplification and noise suppression, since the hearing aid delivers a pleasant hearing experience in almost any listening environment. This is worth mentioning because it enables us to achieve longer wearing times with the hearing systems. The longer the system is used, the more the brain adapts to the new listening environment.

Charger instead of batteries
Modern hearing systems often have various connection options to a smartphone or television, for example via Bluetooth. This increases the energy requirement at the same time. Conventional hearing aid batteries reach their limits after a few days. With the new battery technology, the devices can be used all day long without having to forego the convenience of the transmission technology. The devices are put back on the charging station in the evening and are ready for use the next day. A nice side effect: never buy batteries again. Using these hearing aids is also significantly easier, no flaps need to be opened or switches operated. This allows us to relieve customers who are afraid of technology, because almost everyone gets a grip on this variant.

The cosmetic aspect
Again and again, new customers ask us about the visibility of the hearing systems. Nobody wants to show the devices, and thus a limitation. We often reply to this: "We can guarantee they are practically invisible and cosmetically comfortable." When selecting the devices, we pay close attention to an appealing style. Customers should feel comfortable and safe with the technology. You can test the technology in everyday life and choose the right one after deciding which design it will be.