Signia Integrated Xperience - Pure C&G IX

Meet Pure the beautiful and compact Charge&Go IX, a groundbreaking Signia Integrated Xperience hearing aid designed to fit snuggly into the ear and meet your unique lifestyle and hearing needs.

Model Overview

Signia Pure Charge&Go IX Hearing Aids comes in 3 performance levels: 3IX, 5IX and 7IX.

Pure Charge&Go 3IX

Channels: 32 Hearing Programs: 6 HD Music: 1 Dynamic Soundscape Processing 3.0: 3 Speech and Noise Management: 3 eWindScreen™: 3 Augmented Focus TeleCare

Pure Charge&Go 5IX

Channels: 36 Hearing Programs: 6 HD Music: 3 Dynamic Soundscape Processing 3.0: 4 Speech and Noise Management: 4 eWindScreen™: 4 Augmented Focus TeleCare Advanced Focus Streams: 1 Speech Focus: 4 Directional HearingReverberant Room Program

Pure Charge&Go 7IX

Channels: 48 Hearing Programs: 6 HD Music: 3 Dynamic Soundscape Processing 3.0: 5 Speech and Noise Management: 5 eWindScreen™: 5 Augmented Focus TeleCare Advanced Focus Streams: 3 Speech Focus: 5 Directional HearingReverberant Room Program Conversation Dynamics AnalyzerSpatial SpeechFocus Auto EchoShield Extended bandwidth

Why choose Pure Charge&Go IX?

Pure Charge&Go IX is different from your ordinary hearing aid. It harnesses the full power of Signia Integrated Xperience with RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology to keep you connected with conversations, no matter how busy they get. Enjoy its comfortable fit, all-day battery life, personalized control, and enhanced connectivity.

Natural, effortless conversations

With RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology, you will never miss a beat, hear multiple conversation partners clearly, no matter how lively the conversation gets.Signia Integrated Xperience

Finally, a hearing aid designed for real conversations

Every conversation is a powerful tool to connect, engage, and bring us closer to realizing our potential. Real conversations do not stand still – they are vibrant, unpredictable, and full of surprises. Signia Integrated Xperience is built from the ground up with conversation in mind. It is powered by revolutionary technology that helps you get involved and keep up with the conversation, no matter how busy it gets. Contribute to the conversation with ease, and never miss a beat. With Signia Integrated Xperience, you are not just part of the conversation. You are at its heart.

Signia Pure IX Pair

 Don’t just hear the conversation… be part of it

With Signia Integrated Xperience, every conversation becomes a masterpiece that you do not just observe but actively co-create. This advanced hearing aid technology empowers you to join in, adding your own brushstrokes to the vibrant canvas of dialogue. Feel your confidence bloom as you effortlessly contribute to the conversation. With Signia, you are not just an onlooker. You are an integral part of life’s interactions. In fact 95% of wearers showed an improved performance in a group conversation scenario with RealTime Conversation on. Express yourself, enrich your world, and create lasting impressions with Signia.

Full flexibility thanks to versatile charging solutions

  • Charge anytime, anywhere
    Our pocket-sized Qi wireless chargers let you charge your hearing aids on the go. Each charger can deliver up to 3 full charges.
  • Easy charging at home
    Our standard charger allows for reliable charging at your desk if you prefer a more traditional method.
  • 3-in-1 Solution: Dry&Clean Chargers
    It's not just a charger, it disinfects and dries your hearing aids to ensure optimal performance. A complete disinfection cycle only takes 15 minutes.IX Charger