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Signia Augmented Xperience changes the way people hear the world. AX technology makes it easy for people to follow conversations even in difficult listening situations.

AX - Augmented Xperience

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Revolutionary split processing

Augmented Focus consists of two independent processors working in parallel with dedicated tasks.

Focus sounds

Focus sounds carry relevant information where every small detail is important, for example the speech of a conversation partner.

These sounds are processed in a highly linear, uncompressed way with emphasis on clarity and details.

This pulls speech closer to the listener so it sounds as clear as possible.


Surroundings contain all sounds outside the main focus placing the wearer in the correct acoustic atmosphere.

This is important to create both awareness and excitement, for example enjoying piano music and laughter in a cafe.

These sounds are processed with high spatial resolution, applying more compression and attenuation to keep them at a distance from the focus sounds.

Sudden loud sounds can be addressed more quickly than ever before to prevent them from masking focus sounds.

Augmenting reality in the wearer's favor

Two separate processors allow us to fully capture focus and surroundings independently. As a result, we can control how we recombine them. To create a greater contrast, Augmented Focus pulls focus sounds closer and places surroundings a bit further away.

This augments reality in the wearer's favor.

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Signia AX